The Studio

           Brushed Tanning Studio is a full service airbrush tanning

salon. We offer the highest quality service, the best results and

 products for every need. Our airbrush tan solution is organic and FDA

approved, resulting in the most lustrous tan the industry has to offer.

We will work with you to make certain that your experience and

outcome are everything you have imagined.

Our Airbrush Technicians have been trained as

Airbrush Artists and are continuously striving to

become the best at their profession. Brushed

Tanning Studio™ offers an unparalleled service

and it is our mission to guarantee that your

experience was like no other. We pride

ourselves on offering an elite service and most

importantly a "healthy tan" that will leave you

breathless. Our staff is trained and certified and

are extremely knowledgable on their craft, so

please do not hesitate to call with any questions

or concerns.

"Get Brushed"

it's the Only Healthy Alternative!