Airbrush Tanning FAQ

What Is Airbrush Tanning?

Airbrush Tanning is a unique process where a trained and certified professional airbrush artist applies tanning solution directly to the outermost layer of your skin.

How Does the Airbrush Tan Work?

DHA (Dihydroxiacentone), which has been approved by the FDA and which is 100% organic, is the main ingredient in our tanning solution. The DHA will take a full 24 hours to make your skin "appear" tan. The color guide that is sprayed onto you, allows for an instant glow and it helps our airbrush artists insure coverage everywhere necessary.

Do I Need More Than One Session?

NO! Unlike conventional indoor tanning where they recommend that you tan 3 to 4 times for the first week and 1 to 2 times thereafter, with us you will only need ONE SESSION!

How Long Does It Last?

Generally, the an airbrush tan lasts 7-10 days, when taken care of properly. It depends on your genetic make up and how often your body exfoliates on its own. If you follow a routine, using the suggested products, your tan may last up to 14 days!

Is Airbrush Tanning Safe?  

YES! Airbrush Tanning is the new generation in the tanning industry. The main ingredient (DHA) is derived from raw sugar cane, which has been FDA Approved for cosmetic use. If you think that you may have a reaction, contact the studio and one of our airbrush artists will perform a "test patch" in an inconspicuous area. If there is no adverse reaction, you will be able to receive an airbrush tan 24 to 48 hours later. Unlike indoor tanning, there are NO harmful UV rays, nor is there any extra tax

("The 10% Tan Tax").

 Can I Still Go in the Sun After My Airbrush Tanning Session?

YES! BUT, an Airbrush Tan does NOT protect your skin against the harmful UV rays of the sun. Our studio offers a unique selection of the highest quality sunscreens, which are geared towards skin protection and prolonging the life of your airbrush tan. It is always recommended that sunscreen be used when you plan on being in the sun.

How Long Does the Process Take?

Our appointments are based on 30 minute sessions, however the entire process is usually completed in less than ten (10) minutes. Brushed Tanning Studio offers a unique experience. Our studio is a relaxed and stress free environment unlike your average "tanning" salon. We believe that your session should be enjoyable and not rushed. If you need your session to be completed in a hurry, please inform your Airbrush Artist so they are aware and they will do their best to have you in and out of the studio as fast as possible.

What Should I Wear?

Clients are instructed to get tan how they feel comfortable. Woman usually wear thongs to avoid tan lines (while going topless) and men wear boxers, briefs, swim trunks or male thongs. Many things can be done to avoid tan lines, it is your responsibility to let your Airbrush Artist know the desired affect you are going for. After your session, it is desired that you put on dark, loose fitting clothing and avoid wool, nylon and silk as the DHA may stain those fabrics. Jeans are not recommended due to the fact that they are not as breathable as cotton.

How Do I Maintain My Airbrush Tan?

It is crucial to moisturize. You need to hydrate your skin in order to hold on to your airbrush tan. It is also imperative that you wash with body wash not including AHA, we carry multiple lines geared toward prolonging the life of your airbrush tan. Our Airbrush Artist will be able to recommend the best body washes and moisturizers to fit your own personal needs. Be sure to schedule regular appointments to keep your glow all year round!